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The Local 2.0 Partners Meet…

October 8, 2009

We had the first meeting of our Local 2.0 partners yesterday. It was a vibrant meeting and we are really excited to be working with our three local authorities. We need to spend more time in each area to learn more about the potential neighbourhoods we will be working in – so we will be visiting all three over the next month.

We spent some time talking about ideas – practical things we could do in each of the three areas. There was a strong consensus that we shouldn’t be developing clever tools for the sake of it. Instead, we will be looking to see how councils can use social technologies in a way that fits into people’s existing preferences and behaviour. This fits with the good advice offered by the many experts out there.

We also talked about some of the interesting websites already out there. EveryBlock was a big hit; it’s very polished and quite useful. We also liked the idea of a hypothetical budget allocator for residents: “Here’s $21.5 million. What would you buy for your neighbourhood?”

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