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A little more conversation

January 8, 2010

For the last year, Saffron and I (and other colleagues) have been working on a great project, snappily called Solutions to Entrenched Deprivations on Small Housing Estates. Well this is just about over (we’ll be releasing a few reports in March), so we can now give Local 2.0 and our partners the time they deserve.

As well as getting stuck into the practical local work we will also have lots more time to blog and get involved in various online networks. For me, this means really shifting up the ladder of online participation; I’m a lurker by tradition (I must have read the Liverpool FC forums every day for the last 4/5 years without posting once…) so I look forward, with some prodding, to contributing my thoughts a lot more. If I can’t think of anything thoughtful, I’ll keep plugging away with regular project updates!

Now, referring back to our work on small estates, you might want to take a look at this blog. It belongs to Alastair – an excellent West Midlands Police Officer who we worked with on the project.

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