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People Power 2012: in tweets

March 7, 2012

Yesterday I was at People Power 2012, a one-day conference to bring campaigners and activists together with figures from the government, media and corporate world to share lessons from recent and not-so-recent campaigns.

Instead of taking notes, I joined in with the tweeting, using the event hashtag #pp12.

Below is a run down of People Power 2012 in @YF_Web tweets, in reverse chronological order as is the way with Twitter.

There’s some campaigning learning in there, including:

  • “The most important thing to do in climate change campaigning is to inform yourself.”
  • Be consistent in your demand with politicians; don’t change it between communications. That’ll undermine you, your campaign and your supporters.
  • When campaigning, think about the job digital tools are meant to do. Think how, why and what: HOW can it be used? WHY should you use it? WHAT will it add?
  • Freedom of Information requests can be very useful in backing up a campaign. But ensure an FOI request is unambiguous. For example, one request asked, ‘how many officials are men and how many are women?. The answer received: ‘all of them’.
  • To keep campaigning momentum up, it is important to keep going in the face of adversity, celebrate victories however big or small, and don’t rest on your laurels. The institutions you’re facing certainly won’t.
  • A combination of campaigning methods is vital. “It’s the combination of online and offline that will get us close to what we want.”


Conference close

Imagination and putting ourselves in others shoes is vital to campaign effectively – Vivienne Westwood #PP12

It is the avant garde. If one person in 100 is thinking, we need to make the most of people coming to us – Vivienne Westwood #PP12

Vivienne Westwood realised you have to think of everything and tackle every element. #PP12

Get a Life – campaign on climate change for next generation and to help us to not be just consumers – Vivienne Westwood #PP12

Most important thing to do in climate change campaigning is to inform yourself – Vivienne Westwood #PP12

 Inspirational speech with Q&A – Dame Vivienne Westwood

RT @lucypearceox 540 organisations means 540 roots to the tree and also 540 branches. Strength & fragility. Make Poverty History’s legacy. #pp12

#makepovertyhistory Seized distinctive moment in history to ensure that moment was famous, understood and opportunity #PP12

RT @reubenturner 7m people wore white wristbands. Wow. #makepovertyhistory #pp12

2005 make poverty history campaign involved street sign ups with people crossing road to get to campaigners rather than avoid #PP12

Be consistent in your demand with politicians – don’t change it in between communications #PP12 advice from Kirsty McNeill

Make poverty history was experiment in working together – with over 500 organisations #PP12

Now the two final sessions at #pp12 with panel discussion on Make Poverty History and a closing speech from Vivienne Westwood

The legacy of Make Poverty History – Adrian Lovett, European Director, ONE; Deborah Doane, Director, World Development Movement; Glen Tarman, Head of Advocacy, BOND; Kirsty McNeill, Founder of Themba Consultancy; Chaired by Ruchi Tripathi, Senior Programme Manager, Resilient Livelihoods

Flickr – may be more for people really into photography. Quick access for photos often done through Tumblr or Twitter #PP12 #no2hype

Pinterest potential for campaigning/marketing from @mashable – #PP12 #no2hype

RT @allthatkatydid @henrymack @londoncharlotte @fairsay An overflowing pool will undoubtedly become a waterfall – work on both for now. #pp12 #no2hype

Being introduced to Stardoll – – number one referring site for @fairsay‘s website #PP12 #no2hype

Need to think about each social media type and its target, use, options etc. To use what fits the campaign and mix and match #PP12 #no2hype

RT @kathchristie3 If u tweet as a polar bear u get more followers than if u do as @wwf. Fact or fiction? #pp12 #no2hype

RT @wordbirdwrites Long term behaviour change – look at the best voice for your message, not necessarily you #pp12

Twitter – fast moving waterfall, Facebook – slow moving river, email – pool that gets fuller with no guarantee you’ll see it #PP12 #no2hype

Twitter – good for promoting, collecting, aggregating. Can allow people to bring campaign info together under one hashtag #PP12#no2hype

Facebook isn’t necessarily great for campaigning. Not main reason people are on FB. But can allow for profile. #PP12 #no2hype

RT @thegoodagency RT @londoncharlotte: Here’s that Milkshake article: those in @fairsay session #pp12

When campaigning, think about job tool is meant to do. What do people use it for? Different uses. Think how, what and why. #PP12#no2hype

Citizens are good at getting through the marketing. Want to talk ‘with’ people not be talked ‘at’ #PP12 #no2hype

News stories about what editor will publish not what’s good for planet. ‘new’ is sexier than reliable #PP12 #no2hype

RT @thegoodagency Sitting in @fairsay session: “Distinguishing Hype from Reality – evaluating digital tools that matter”. Will be interesting. #pp12

So many tools to use and in campaigning we often use too many. Need to think about where want to go and audience – @fairsay #PP12 #no2hype

What digi tools should we use? Not necessarily just what everyone else is using #PP12 #no2hype

 Distinguishing hype from useful trends in e-campaigning Duane Raymond, Digital Activist, Fair Say (hashtag #no2hype)

RT @drivingequality #PP12 ‘speaking truth to power’ voice must b powerful but independent. Truth must b grounded in democratic legitimacy. #activism

RT @drivingequality #PP12 ‘speaking truth to power’ know your target group and ensure robust evidence base, without compromising your campaign #activism

Good way to view and make FOI requests is via @mysociety‘s what do they know? #PP12 tip from @campaignfoi

Q. what’s tactic for ensuring no ridiculous FOI requests? A. FOI request for zombie attack on Leicester doesn’t take long to answer #PP12

Talk to FOI officers to get feel of what is accessible and what isn’t through FOI act. Many will be helpful. Tips from @campaignfoi #PP12

RT @thegoodagency Private emails are subject to FOI act – but over ruled by Cabinet Office as “can’t search private computer”. #pp12

Q. Do you think there’ll be growing culture of evasion? E.g. Gove using wife’s email. A. Is Work on own computer subject to FOI? YES! #PP12

Q. How has war gone over last 15 years? Any worries? A. Never thought FOI act would come in. Been effective but delays are problem #PP12

RT @thegoodagency Year on year increase in FOI requests since act came into force in 2005. #pp12

RT @fairsay: FOI presentation by – great stuff! #PP12

RT @speakupduck@fairsay: FOI eg: BAA invented ‘green jumbo’ to counter anti-3rd-runway & FOI request revealed no plans to build it #pp12″

Ensure FOI request is unambiguous. Don’t ask ‘how many officials men and how many women?’ One FOI officer answered ‘all of them’ #PP12

FOI requesters need to think like bureaucrats to ask for info available. Limit of £600 (24hr) for nat Govt and £450 (18hr) local #PP12

Simple FOI requests can prove something not working. E.g. Council cracking down on dog mess, FOI request can show fines (not) issued. #PP12

FOI is for obtaining recorded information not for opinion #PP12

Can use FOI to test accuracy and view previous meetings, lobby opposing interests, as research tool and for case histories #PP12

FOI can help document problem campaign is dealing with and show authorities’ shortcomings and demonstrate merits of case #PP12

About to hear about how FOI can be used as campaigning tool at People Power conference #pp12

Freedom of Information as a campaigning toolMaurice Frankel, Director, Campaign for Freedom of Information

Q. how do you keep campaigning momentum up? A. Just need to keep going, celebrate victories and don’t sit back. Institutions won’t #PP12

Q.How did Trade unions react to campaign? A.Had to engage trade unions. Can’t get support of Unite & GMB with most workers at Heathrow #PP12

Q. Is it easier to build coalition against than for? A. For local people prob easier to get coalition against as need highly motivated #PP12

Q. Mistakes from no 3rd runway campaign? Disappointed in numbers at demo. Expected many more than 3000. Too few can be damaging #PP12

For more info on our #digitalactivism work to support communities to campaign using digi tools visit #PP12

We’re at People Power Conference today tweeting about campaigning and learning for our #digitalactivism #ppchange work #PP12

Involving celebs can really help campaign. Get prominent people involved – Cameron has tree on land bought against 3rd runway #pp12

Diverse activities can help keep issue on agenda and get press coverage – John Suaven, Greenpeace #pp12

NIMBY approach leads to fighting with two hands behind back and Govt can divide and connquer. Need to collaborate – John Stewart #pp12

Key to tackle myths into debate to help influence decision makers in campaigning #pp12 e.g. No 3rd runway tackled economic myths from Govt

RT @thegoodagency: John Sauven – not just an ‘anti’ campaign but also about promoting alternative solutions & economic viewpoints. #PP12

RT @fairsay @auerfeld citizens and activists should be the same thing. It doesn’t matter who starts a protest – the timing is the key. #pp12

… Needed common aim for individuals – diversity of issues became strength rather than issue for no third runway campaign #pp12

Diversity of reasons for people involved in no third runway campaign – noise, climate change, community disruption #pp12

Hearing from Greenpeace on No Third Runway campaign #pp12 – lesson no1 is people need to have sufficient power to challenge power of Govt

How the West was won – Lessons from the No Third Runway Campaign
John Sauven, Executive Director, Greenpeace UK in conversation with John Stewart, Chair, HACAN ClearSkies, chaired by Juliette Jowit, Senior Writer, The Guardian and The Observer

“It’s the combination of online and offline that will get us close to what we want” – salil shetty, amnesty international #pp12

RT @londoncharlotte: Gladwell’s article “The revolution will not be tweeted” is now merely an historic curiosity – salil shetty. #PP12

RT @thegoodagency “if you have a complaint, why not put it on our Facebook page?” Egyptian military intelligence general to Amnesty #pp12

Key Note Speech, including Q&A – People Power: Getting to the heart of the matter – Salil Shetty, Secretary General, Amnesty International

At #pp12 to hear about great campaigning. Sitting with Wythenshawe campaigner award winner from Manchester. Great ideas.

Start of conference (hashtag #pp12)

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