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Digital Activism Update

August 31, 2012

It’s been a while since we last blogged – three months to be exact – but it hasn’t been as relaxed on the work front. The projects we’re supporting as part of Digital Activism are moving along and, after the naturally quieter summer period, initial plans are starting to be realised.

Here is a brief update of how we’re supporting the Digital Activism communities to campaign and lobby for change through online tools.

We’re getting ready to launch a campaign with the Women’s Networking Hub in Birmingham to tackle the problematic displaying of lads’ mags in retailers. Shortly afterwards we will be starting a campaign, again with the Women’s Networking Hub, to raise awareness and capture the real picture of domestic violence in Birmingham.

In Leeds we’re planning our work with several older people on Leeds: A City for All Ages kicked off by May’s flashdance. We’re hoping to hit the streets of Leeds in October to start exploring the accessibility of Leeds and get the older people blogging using the written word, video or photography.

Closer to home, in Holloway progress is being made with a campaign to highlight alternatives to debt and high interest lenders, while promoting the local credit union. Interest in the Hackney CAB Crowdmap continues, with other CABs in London looking at running similar campaigns, and plans for more research into the availability of rental properties in London. While in Southwark we’re supporting the Southwark Organisers to develop websites and other communication tools to support strong, independent and active communities in a few areas of Southwark.

We also have a potential sixth community we will be starting work with soon, so should have more plans to share in the coming weeks. And, of course, we’ll share the campaigns, tools and learning as the work continues.


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